Tips On How To Read The Trends Of Designer Kids’ Clothing

I still remember those days trying out various eyelash mascara and conditioners. Me and my clients do get invited to a lot of the shows -although these days you can see ALL the shows live online which saves you a lot of time and energy! My current clients are the ideal client, men and women who love to travel, dress up and have fun with it. 9-when shopping for a client, are you or they only interested in name designers or do you widen the playing field by shopping newer lesser known designers as long as they fit the bill? Even when shopping I’m acting as an image consultant. That said, I’m not “married” to any brand when it comes to selecting for clients. I’m not just a stylist; I’m beyond the personal shopper role. Although I have my favorites for my personal shopping, I believe all brands have hits and miss depending on the season and some collections are better that others, be it designer brands or not. Touch and customize your needs, not just that there are thousands of parameters and you can have all information setting up on a single page about that product.

I work with all brands and collections that suit my clientele’s needs, taste and fit at the time of the buy and compliment their existing wardrobe. If color and fit are “no,” no matter how much you love it, pass. Shopping should always be an adventure where while going from store to store the clients learn more about the different brands, the collections, the fit of each designer and about themselves (what looks best on them and why). 4-has a store every approached you to frequent them as opposed to their competition and in doing so offered you additional compensation? Yes, most stores offer an additional compensation to shop with them but, I have NEVER accepted it. The same goes for stores? Though teen fashion comes and goes and you can expect the main purpose of these fashions is to make sure they dress nothing like their parents. I believe that goes against the best interest of the client and in detriment of your work. I work on making them feel good about themselves with the ultimate goal of “walking into a room and having everyone turn around to see them being the center of attention because of their inner glow”.

I believe there is a good array of brands in the market for all type of clients, tastes and likes. Please do not construe Daniel Lombardi as some vapid personality such as the talentless and self-anointed Brad Goreski as Mr. Lombardi has equal parts taste, charm, talent and humanity, not to mention good looks, experience and great authority. There is a Rolex for everyone and to blend with every personality hence careful consideration would need to be given before selecting the watch you would like to wear for a specific occasion. 2018 has already begun, and businesses to maximize their return from social media need to rethink their social media marketing approach. The amount and type of clothing worn depends on physical, social and geographic considerations. You can wear the most expensive and beautiful piece of clothing but, if you don’t believe in your inner self you will never project it. Your kid will appear hip and fashionable even without wearing designer clothing.

You have to have the knowledge and influences that will get you the most exposure you must have to get your creations into the business. Through the years I have built a pyramidal structure, where now after 15 years in the business I currently work only with top clients from Latin America, USA and Europe. Made to measure is a must for male clients. 7-do you ever get involved with made to measure for your clients? Europe is essential during market, where you have a chance to touch and feel the collection and pre-order some of the special pieces for clients. I always wear a detail that would be the focal point of attention that would give people a chance to comment on it and for me to introduce myself and my line of business. No longer is this a business of women dragging women from showroom to showroom and trying on clothes behind racks ; today the real professionals use the major fashion capitals, retail stores or manufacturers as their resource base. Today’s new generation of fashion professional now garners respect rather than disdain, is a treasured asset rather than a secret and further more shows us that this sector of the business is no longer reserved for ladies only.