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In an article titled “The Generic Latinidad of Within the Heights” from The brand new Yorker, author Frances Negrón-Muntaner states, “The choice to include Vanessa implies that one doesn’t need to flee downtown and escape one’s roots to succeed. That’s true sufficient, but in staying put Vanessa seems to give up her huge desires of crossing over, for man, little one, and bodega.” K. Austin Collins of Rolling Stone rated the film three and a half out of 5 stars. All of the values and ideologies are all represented via the film for instance the dominate ideology is that females/ladies are imagined to be house wives and look after children as an alternative in the movie females/women similar to the main character are pressured to take part in a sport of survival where only one individual will reside on the leisure of the rich. A print media gives the viewers a evaluate of the film which would offer info about the narrative, forged and certificate etc. and plenty of evaluations often embrace an interview of the main stars of the film. The age group that could be targeted is sixteen – 40 years previous as it incorporates violence and content material of a 16 certificate but the producers of Hunger Games know that audiences as young as 11 will watch the movie weather in cinema or DVD blu ray.

The viewers can access to music radio, commercials, radio talks and many others. concerning the film and director which allows the audience once more to know concerning the narrative of the film, cast and certificate and so on., due to this fact the audience would be interested to observe it. 3. How do audiences entry the text across the three platforms? All three platforms attain out to a large viewers as there are many media platform examples for the audience to look at and be informed about. The print media promoted the movie to audiences by putting up posters of the movie on billboard and bus stops shelters which audiences can see on a day by day bases. The website contains the trailer of the movie and likewise a hyperlink where audiences can purchase the blu ray or DVD. The DVD/blu ray is promoted on the Hunger Games official web site which provides audiences options of where to buy it from corresponding to ‘’ or ‘’, which creates synergy as the product is being promoted again and forth by firms such ‘’. The movie is promoted to the attended audience by way of the three platforms E-media, broadcast and print. Then News Column contains news on freshly released Telugu cinema news, Talks on already launched movies, awards, rewards, gossips, Details about filmy functions and news on movie promotion and so forth. Reviews column explains about newest released Telugu Movie Reviews which is rating or talk about movie highlights all the pieces.

E-media promoted the movie such as Facebook and Twitter updating audiences on the newest news concerning the film. The low key lighting used also suggest darkness and evil which can be one of the characters personalities and creates an enigma code as the audience don’t know what the movie goes to be about. Also the low angle show makes her look more powerful but also creates an enigma code as the audiences do not know what she’s about to kill. Furthermore, the fire around her creates a way of recognition because the movie is named “catching hearth” and in addition this additionally may connote that she has an explosive temper when she’s holding a bow and arrow. These platforms permit audiences to participate and work together with the film for instance lions gate announced that it would give 12 super followers the opportunity to have their names on the film credit. They even have a separate film channel too. The audience can understand the idea of the film and the evaluate and opinions people have made the movie weather there’s enough for them to observe the film or not. On the set, the actors use props composed of handles which have aluminum rods attached to them, and these rods are the size of the lightsaber “blade.” The handles are plastic models and the aluminum rods are painted purple or green or blue.

Now look at every platform individually: What kind of media language does the platform use? Lastly, Broadcast media is another manner to advertise the film by Tv and radio interviews and theses often provide unique interviews alongside lips for the film to attract the audience’s attention. Researching for broadcast media for Hunger Games catching i came across a variety of broadcast Media promoting the film resembling DVD blu ray, film premier, television and radio interview and plenty of more. The movie Hunger games catching fireplace have completely different values and ideologies which might be being presented throughout the film. Now think of how the film is being promoted throughout the three platforms: what are the similarities? How is the film promoted to its target market (s) by: Print, Broadcast and E-media? Hunger Games catching fire is promoted in other ways by three platforms broadcast, E-media and print thus all these platforms entice a sure target market to attracted to the movie. Moreover, reviews from critics allows for audiences to read reactions from anticipate to assist support audiences decide if they want to watch the film or not.

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